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Your dough bands will only be regular if your blocks of dough and fat plates have a regular square shape. With regular dough bands, you reduce waste thus lower costs substainlly. Using the Rondopress, you effortlessly and easily shape dough and fat blocks into regular squares. The high pressing force of the Rondopress also makes the fat very pliable, resulting in particularly consistent layers of fat. Simple Cleaning; the Rondopress is easy and quick to clean. Housing and cover made of stainless steel



Rondopress SHTP.A/SHTP.C
Outer dimensions 710x670x1140 mm
Pressing chamber 512x409x135 mm
Supply voltage 3x220-480 V, 50/60 Hz
Rated poer 2.0 kVA/1.2 kW
Weight 330 kg