About MK Unigroup

From our humble beginning supplying only a handful of local bakers, thirty years on we are the pioneer of thailand’s bakery machinery supplying state-of-the-art bakery equipment to everyone from multinational corporations to streetside bakery shops. We are the only bakery solution provider in the Kingdom. We set out to provide our customers with the best machinery solutions. Our product lines range from fully-automated production line such as [insert] to small bakery appliances such as the famous KitchenAid mixer. As a bakery solution provider, we aim to provide our customers not with the best in class appliance or equipment with the most suitable and appropriate equipment for their needs. Our core philosophy is to grow hand in hand with our customers and we have been doing exactly that for the past 30 years!. Whether you are looking for equipment to upgrade or expand your production lines or whether you are looking for small appliances to kick start your dream bakery shops, our experienced sales assistant would be ready to help!